Vol. 12 No. 30 (2006): Journal of Cyprus Studies

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Editorial Note
Our current issue consists of archival material and supporting information. First, we
are making available a document that has been out of print for some time:
Disturbances in Cyprus in October, 1931, with an introduction by Jan Asmussen. We
believe this document will be highly valuable for those who work on various aspects
of the history of Cyprus, including the construction of national identities, political
sociability, and the history of clubs and societies. Second, we are providing
information on the National Archive at Girne: we are publishing a report on the
Archive’s current status and its plan for the future. This issue also includes the index
of a set of documents that can be found in the National Archive, namely the Annual
Reports on Cyprus, prepared by the British administration of the island during the
colonial period.
We are grateful to the individuals without whose contributions and assistance this
issue of the JCS would not have been possible. We would like to thank, first, Gökhan
Şengör, the head of the National Archive at Girne, who wrote a report on the Archive
and provided the index of the Annual Reports. We would also like to acknowledge
our debt to the members of our editorial board, especially Jan Asmussen for his
support and valuable advice, and to Nihal Sakarya, Ersev Sarper and the staff of the
Eastern Mediterranean University Printinghouse. Last but not least, we are thankful
to Ayhan Bilsel and Ülker V. Osam for their patience and support.
Özlem Çaykent
Mehmet M. Erginel

Published: 2019-04-16