Vol. 15 No. 37 (2009): Journal of Cyprus Studies

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First I would like to thank all the contributors for their great endeavours to open up some rather less or even none studied aspects of the history of Cyprus. We believe that such articles shed light on the highly neglected cultural diversity and sophistication of this Island. I am glad to continue to publish articles on monuments of
Cyprus which have been neglected for years and thus hope to attract some more attention to the cultural heritage of Cyprus in the north. Also, we have papers on Cypriots and by-passers who have contributed to the cultural/intellectual life and diversity of the island such as Niyazi Berkes, Jewish people on their way to their homelands, and the history of Maronites. Last, but not least, we offer an interesting article on the history of communication/postal activities during a very difficult era of the islands, 1958-74. I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the publishing of this issue.

Özlem Çaykent

Published: 2019-04-16