• Dilek Emine Ozyılmaz Eastern Mediterranean University
  • Leyla Beba Pozharani Eastern Mediterranean University
  • Mustafa Alhadi Eastern Mediterranean University
  • Emmanuella Adama Ochanya Eastern Mediterranean University
Keywords: Oral dosage forms, oral disintegrating tablet, hepatic metabolism, novel techniques


The oral route is widely accepted and common method of drug delivery. Nowadays, with the rising the patient compliance and ease of drug administration, especially for pediatrics, new dosage forms are being introduced. When the ODT (oral disintegrating tablets) are placed on the tongue, with the help of saliva they disintegrate and then they are absorbed into the bloodstream from the oromucosal cavity without the need for water. These dosage forms have some advantages over the conventional oral dosage forms due to the fact that,amongst all other advantages, they bypass hepatic metabolism, which means that more of the drug is absorbed into the systemic circulation, leading to higher bioavailability and higher therapeutic efficacy. Novel techniques have been investigated to formulate ODT’s in order to achieve desired tablet characteristics to improve API compatibility and patient acceptance with this oral dosage form.

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Ozyılmaz, D., Pozharani, L., Alhadi, M., & Ochanya, E. (2019). ORALLY DISINTEGRATING TABLETS: A SHORT REVIEW. EMU Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 1(1), 76 - 81. Retrieved from https://ojs.emu.edu.tr/index.php/jps/article/view/28