• Canan Gulcan Eastern Mediterranean University
  • Damilola A Aransiola Eastern Mediterranean University
Keywords: Patient satisfaction, Pharmacists, Pharmacy services


Patient satisfaction is one of the important quality determinants within the globally developing healthcare industry. Various sectors of the health industry monitor patient satisfaction and depending on the results, they update their qualifications for better services. Community pharmacies are pharmacy services are one of those indispensible units within the healthcare system. Therefore, it is impossible to ignore patient satisfaction and its monitoring for pharmacy services concomitant to the dynamic improvement of patient needs. Regarding this, within this review study, we made a literature review to find out recent developments on the investigation between the pharmacy services and patient satisfaction. Our findings indicated the basic variables and determinants of patient satisfaction organized through the services provided by pharmacists. Although much of the information is valid, maybe through a century, the data shared on the literature point out that there are certain rules that pharmacists need to follow to guarantee patient satisfaction. Considering the increasing number of community pharmacies worldwide and the trade-based competition among them, it is obvious that those pharmacists paying attention to patient satisfaction will keep standing, since the opposite provides negative effects in competition with other pharmacy stores.

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