• Journal of Cyprus Studies
    Vol 2 No 1 (1996)

    Dear Readers,
    The Journal for Cypriot Studies is in your hands for the second time. Our first issue was received with considerable interest, and there were positive responses from Turkey, the United Kingdom, Sweden, and Russia. In addition to positive comments, from which we take encouragement, we have also received critical comments, regarding errors and omissions; we are committed to preparing all future issues of the journal taking into account the views of our readers, in order to develop the highest scientific standards.
    I wish to thank everybody who has contributed to the publication of our journal and hope that 1996 will be a year of health, success, and prosperity for all.
    İsmail Bozkurt

  • Journal of Cyprus Studies
    Vol 1 No 1 (1995)


    Our university, developing rapidly over the years, has adopted the pursuit and encouragement of scientific research as one of its working principles. In this context, we consider conducting research on the island of Cyprus and the Turkish Cypriots inhabiting it, as one of the natural missions of our university.

    We believe that the Centre for Cypriot Studies, founded on the basis of the mentioned purpose, will produce a considerable amount of work and that this work will have repercussions in our country as well as in the world at large.

    The Journal for Cypriot Studies, which is the first work produced by the Centre for Cypriot be published trimestrially, will be open to scientists, researchers, and writers from within or without our university and will constitute an encouraging medium for their new pieces of work.

    I wish to thank everybody who has, or will, put time and effort in, who has contributed or will contribute to the publication of, this first issue as well as the ones to follow; and hope that the Journal for Cypriot Studies will be long-lived and prosperous.

    Prof.Dr. Özay Oral Rector

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