• Journal of Urban Research and Development
    Vol. 4 No. 01 (2023)




    CyNUM 2nd Regional Conference: ‘Transformation and Conservation of Urban Form in South-Eastern Mediterranean Cities’





    Praxis of Urban Peacebuilding in Famagusta Cyprus

    Ceren Boğaç

    A Morphological Analysis of the Urban Interface-Sculpture Relationship: The Case of Eskişehir Governmental Square-Atatürk Statue

    Gürkan Okumuş

    Fortifications of Enez (Ainos) and Urban Morphology: Architectural, Historical and Epigraphic Evidence Revisited

    Hasan Sercan Sağlam

    The Analysis of the Morphological Transformation of a Public Node; The Case of Adana Atatürk Park

    Beliz Büşra Şahin

    Nicosia and Its Division: a Character-Generating Role For the City

    Corrado Scudellaro


    Sustainable Urban Transitions Research, Policy and Practice (Author’s (Editors): Zaheer Allam)

    Kasra Talebian




  • Journal of Urban Research and Development
    Vol. 3 No. 01 (2022)





    Challenging the City




    Urban Fringe Belts: Roots, Developments and Prospects

    Tolga Ünlü

    The Role of the Creative Environment Concept in Waterfront Development: The Case of Limassol Promenade (Molos)

    Doğa Üzümcüoğlu, Mukaddes Polay

    Smart Cities Initiatives in Lagos, Nigeria: Are there Lessons to Learn From the Leading Smart Cities?

    Nathaniel. O. Ogunseye, Bashir O. Odufuwa, Waheed A. Kadiri

    As a Zoning Criterion in the City, Morality and an Unrevealed Truth in Northern Cyprus: Prostution in Entertainment Venues

    Nurcan Gündüz


    Cities and Urban Culture (Author’s (Editors): Deborah Stevenson)

    Leki Clementina Pronen

  • Journal of Urban Research and Development
    Vol. 2 No. 1 (2021)





    Challenges to the Environment




    Rules for Urban Space: Design Patterns Create the Human Scale

    Nikos A. Salingaros

    Exploratory Study on the Adoption of Value Management for Construction Development Projects in North Central Nigeria

    Lilian Ilenikhena, Chinedu Adindu

    Extending the Scope of Morpho Analysis: an Iranian Exploration

    Mazyar Abaee, Vitor Oliveira

    Exploring Behaviour of Homo Ludens: Sense of Play and Sense of Place

    Rüya Erkan Öcek

    Alternative Mapping Approach to Everyday Life Practices of Moda

    Merve Özgür, İpek Akpınar


    Morphological Research in Planning, Urban Design, and Architecture (Editor: Vitor Oliveira)

    Nevter Zafer Comert

  • Journal of Urban Research and Development
    Vol. 1 No. 01 (2020)





    The Need for a New Journal



    Design Governance: Making Planning Proactive Again

    Matthew Carmona

    The Growth of Ecological Concerns in World Capitals

    Ruşen Keleş

    The Urban Megaprojects Paradigm in Qatar: A Holistic Criticism and Premeditated Prophecy

    Ali A. Alraouf

    The Town-Plan as a Unifying Concept

    Vítor Oliveira

    Land Readjustment: A Tool for Better Urban Planning

    Glafkos Constantinides


    Masterplanning for Change: Designing the Resilient City

    Manoj Parmar, Binti Singh

    The Political Materialities of Borders - New Theoretical Directions

    Kamyar Lotfi