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Vol. 1 No. 01 (2020): Journal of Urban Research and Development
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The Need for a New Journal



Design Governance: Making Planning Proactive Again

Matthew Carmona

The Growth of Ecological Concerns in World Capitals

Ruşen Keleş

The Urban Megaprojects Paradigm in Qatar: A Holistic Criticism and Premeditated Prophecy

Ali A. Alraouf

The Town-Plan as a Unifying Concept

Vítor Oliveira

Land Readjustment: A Tool for Better Urban Planning

Glafkos Constantinides


Masterplanning for Change: Designing the Resilient City

Manoj Parmar, Binti Singh

The Political Materialities of Borders - New Theoretical Directions

Kamyar Lotfi

Published: 2020-10-23
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The Journal of Urban Research and Development (JURD) is a peer-reviewed international and multidisciplinary academic journal published by EMU Press on behalf of Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Urban Research and Development Center (URDC), for urban and planning issues, covering a wide range of disciplines contributing to past, current, and future concerns of cities and urban development. The journal welcomes contributions of qualitative as well as quantitative research including contemporary, comparative urban perspectives and case studies.