As a Zoning Criterion in the City, Morality and an Unrevealed Truth in Northern Cyprus

Prostution in Entertainment Venues


  • Nurcan Gunduz Eastern Mediterranean University


Zoning , Morality , Immorality, Prostitution, Segregation


Here in this study, I will try to briefly evaluate the theme of gender and space relationship within a certain framework specific to Northern Cyprus.

Normally, individuals who live and work in cities, are spread among different zones and there are varied factors which effect this process of zoning. I will try to explore the determination of morality upon this zoning process for Northern Cyprus example regarding the prostitution practices. Moreover, it is obvious that this point of view – the morality centred one – creates a kind of isolation that people must fight with whenever they do not live in accordance with general norms.

This kind of isolation is a spatial isolation – by the means of place – and social isolation – by the means of people’s relationships with other people - from the society.

Regardless of whether the acts related to prostitution are considered as a crime by law or not in our country, this issue causes the same results by the means of facts.

I strongly believe that addressing this issue will also create a space to us for discussion. Starting with this, we will have an opportunity to stop human rights violations caused by prostitution businesses in North Cyprus. Progressing towards solving a problem requires accepting the existence of it and its consequences in the first place.




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